Mirrorless problems

… and its not even the camera’s fault!


I have written a few posts now about my switch to mirrorless cameras, specifically in reference to the Fujifilm XT2 (I will list these below). Because of the nature or style of my photography, I have decided to wait for certain lenses to become available, before I make the complete switch to Fuji.

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Shooting Mirrorless along side a DSLR

There is one big reason that I have not switched 100% to the Fujifilm Mirrorless system. I don’t like to shoot with lenses that have a variable aperture. For example the very popular 100-400 f4 to 5.6 lens made by so many manufactures does not really appeal to me in the slightest. So currently Fujifilm do not have a telephoto lens that I am willing to invest in. As a result I have been using a DSLR combined with a fixed focal length lens, usually a 300mm f/2.8. This 300mm f/2.8 for me is the sweet spot for wildlife photography and Fuji don’t currently have an equivalent lens in their line up.

Camera: Fujifilm XT2
Lens: 50-140mm f/2.8
Exposure: ISO400 | f/2.8 | 1/1600sec

Presenting the Problem

Now at first there was no problem when using these two very different camera systems along side each other. Because I was still using a DSLR orientated brain while shooting with the mirrorless camera. Somewhere along the line, I made the switch (mentality that is) and started shooting a DSLR with a Mirrorless orientated brain. Now this seems irrelevant, however take a step back and think about how we view the images just before we decided to take the photograph.

With a DSLR, we see an image in real time through the glass then reflected into the view finder with that “mirror”. This does not change the exposure of the image. For that we usually have to *chimp. The act of looking at the photograph after taking it to check exposure. Or we use the exposure compensation bar as an indicator of our exposure.

With a Mirrorless camera, what we see in the electronic view finder is what we get when we take the photograph. Its like chimping, but before the photograph is taken.

Camera: Fujifilm XT2
Lens: 50-140mm f/2.8
Exposure: ISO1600 | f/2.8 | 1/1600sec

So What is the Mirrorless problem?

My problem is that the Fujifilm XT2 electronic view finder is so good, that I often forget that I am actually using a DSLR. It looks that real, and because the DSLR view finder does not show expsoure in real time. My exposures are often incorrect with the DSLR.

Here is another way to understand it

With the XT2, I have set it up that I am basically shooting manually. With the back dial changed so it controls my shutter speed. I set the aperture (on the lens) and dial in the ISO. Then all I have to do is change the shutter-speed to overexpose or underexpose a photograph. And because I see this exposure changes in realtime on the image in the electronic view finder. I make adjustments simply with the shutter speed dial.
With the DSLR, I don’t see these change on the image in my viewfinder. Because the image in the view finder is reflected straight up from the lens to the view finder by the mirror. So when you make exposure adjustment on a DSLR, you don’t see these changes. Till you look at the photograph afterwards. Which leads me to my next problem. I am not chimping with my XT2. So I am out of the habit of checking my exposures after I have taken the photograph.
I only really notice these incorrect exposures away from the scene or on my computer much later. With wildlife photography, there is not such thing as a retake!

Camera: Fujifilm XT2
Lens: 50-140mm f/2.8
Exposure: ISO800 | f/2.8 | 1/4000sec

2018 will solve my problem

According to the Fujifilm lens development road map, they will be releasing a telephoto prime lens in 2018. To say I cannot wait would be an understatement. This would finally mean I don’t have to use a DSLR anymore. Speculation is that it will be a 200mm f/2 or a f/2.8. We know the lens is coming, what it will be we don’t know yet.

Fujifilm Lens Road map Rumors

So till I actually have this lens in my hands, I will have to carry on trying to remember that I don’t have my Fuji in my hands.



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