A Favorite moment: Zambezi Crossing

Zambezi crossing is a moment that heralds from one of my favourite years as a guide. Leana and I where working together in a remote corner of Southern Zambia. Managing in my opinion the best bush camp in Africa, in the Lower Zambezi National Park.

As we moved deeper in to the dry season we had this lovely sand bar that started to developed in front of our camp, Old Mondoro. Which many elephants used at a half way point as the crossed the main channel towards a large island in front of camp. What was special about this stretch of sand it was shallow enough for the elephants to move quickly across. While splashing up alot of water to add amazing atmosphere to photographs. It was also the perfect distance from the camp so I could get my guests to lie on the ground above the water line and photograph the elephants from a safe position.

So convincing guests to rather stay in camp for the afternoon and just sit at the waters edge (safely away from any crocodiles. We wait for the small bachelor herd of elephants to cross back from their days feeding on the island. So we waited on the grass that our resident hippo pod had so diligently cropped very short for us. One by One the bulls crossed on to the sand bar and as luck would have it they started to run, splashing, pushing and shoving. Just doing what a group of young male mammals do. All of this was just photographic fodder for the 3 of us that were there with a camera.

Photograph Details

Photograph Details

Filename: Zambezi Crossing.jpg

Camera: Canon 50D

Lens, 400mm f5.6 L USM

Exposure: 1/250 sec;   f/5.6;   ISO 200

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