A Favorite moment: Alert

A black rhino cow that is alert and protective creates a unique photographic situation that often requires a lot of patience and humility.

The big reason why people love the idea of safari is the wildlife encounters that causes time stands still.  The world, with all its problems just disappear. These moments where you are living in the absolute moment is the essence of being on safari. 

It took a single encounter with a Black Rhino cow and calf to throw my whole guiding world into a wonderful obsession with these some what misunderstood creatures. Its their utter unpredictability that appeals to me, they are like a lucky packet you really dont know what you going to get!

Black rhinos are not the aggressive creatures that everybody believes. Every time I have encountered then in an environment  similar to their cousin the white rhino. Their demeanor can be quite relaxed. The flight or fight instinct, is only really relavent when one encounters something at close quarters of if something feels threatened. Given enough space all animals are instantly calmed and are not threatened.

This particular moment was when I was lucky enough to find this cow and calf out in the open. Often the first reaction for guides in private reserves is to try and get in close. As a result environmental portraits with a telephoto is a type of image that is very often over looked. The beauty of sitting and watching something at a distance with a large telephoto prime is that the bush settles much sooner to your presence.

It was not long before her nerves settled and she became curious, slowly slowly she changed her direction towards us. Inching closer and closer, soon we had to change lenses to something a little wider.

Photograph Details

Filename: Alert.jpg
Gear: Canon 5D mk2 & 70-200mm f2.8 IS L USM
Exposure:1/200 sec;   f/2.8;   ISO 800
Copyright: Copy right Etienne Oosthuizen photography

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