The Great Plains of


I spent a year guiding in the Karoo, specifically the Camdeboo Region of the Great Karoo. Its a wildlife destination that is off the radar, for most photographers. The Karoo has a rich farming history and it is a semi arid environment, so the Greater Karoo has a sparse distribution of wildlife. However this Camdeboo region provides a wildlife photographer with spectacular landscapes as a backdrop to photograph the amazing diversity of wildlife. Locally there is an abundant amount of wild spaces in this region. My particular focus was on smaller less frequently seen mammals, such as Serval, Cheetah, Aardvark, Cape Mountain Zebra and Black wildebeest.

The Aardvarks in Particular being a highlight of my time there. I spent many hours habituating individual Aardvarks to my presence. Which eventually started to reap rewards and I managed to capture a truly different perspective on this very shy creature.

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