Rolling Hills of


Situated in the North of KwaZulu-Natal, is Zululand. This area is slowly developing into a niche photographic destination. There are particular type of photographs that come from Zulu-land and these are more to do with the rolling scenery than its wildlife. Hills and valleys can be-found through out Africa, but combined with a particular diversity of Flora, its makes for an incredible animals capes (Landscapes with animals).

Guiding in this region day in and day out allowed me an opportunity to really to experiment with my photography. I spent a whole month with only a 50mm f/1.4. There is nothing more rejuvenating to a photographic slump that being challenged with the bare minimum. It was a very rewarding period of my photographic development and I learn’t a lot. Often finding myself in situations that pushed me out side the comforts of photography.

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